Brum Connection Balls - 2 Set
Brum Connection Balls - 2 Set
Brum Connection Balls - 2 Set
Brum Connection Balls - 2 Set
Brum Connection Balls - 2 Set

Brum Connection Balls - 2 Set

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These inflatable balls create proper spacing to instantly correct multiple swing flaws.  Helps hitters avoid keeping hands too close to the body and from pinning the lead elbow against the body....which creates a clean swing path and lengthens contact point.

The Brum Connection Balls also have a black line which is useful in multiple drills to help a hitter increase body/movement awareness.

This product includes 2 connection balls: 

10" dia & 6" dia


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Brum Bands do?

Each of the Brum Bands attacks different swing flaws:

The Cuffs lengthen the contact point by creating proper hand stack & stay palm up/palm down through contact.

The Slot Band can be used on either arm, helping to shorten the swing by avoiding casting and early barrel release.

The Body band has multiple uses in the lower half, creating better balance and using ground forces - improving balance and power.

How do I use them?

Simply put them on and hitters are forced into strong positions! We also have a few videos showing the different drill variations you can use.

Does this product require any additional equipment or accessories?

The only additional equipment needed for optimal training is a bat and ball.

Is there a recommended training schedule for this product?

Brum Bands work great when rotating them on to gain the correct feel, then taking them off for a few swings to replicate the feel. Then back on and so forth.