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Force hitters into good moves & Quickly fix common swing flaws

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The Brum Band Bundle includes everything you need to refine your swing and become more confident at the plate. These tools force proper hand position through the swing, eliminating rollovers and promoting a smooth hand path.


Hear What Our Customers Have To Say

I use the Brum Bands every day in my warmup routine. They’re awesome for tee work, soft toss, or batting practice.

— Jason V.

With the Brum Bands, I’m able to eliminate bad habits in my swing, like crashing, collapsing and casting.

— Rebecca C.

The Brum Bands help me feel strong through the baseball, and keep my barrel in the zone for much longer.

— Jeff S.

I feel so much more connected in my swing with the Brum Bands. If you’re a hitter at any level, you need the Brum Bands in your bag!

— Bill H.

I’ve taken my game to a whole new level thanks to Brum Bands!

— Mark F.

With the Brum Bands, I am able to get real time feedback on my mechanics, and translate those changes into my swing.

— Leslie H.

I don’t hit the cages without my Brum Bands!

— Benjamin M.

The Slot Band helps me to feel my bat path through the zone, and make sure my swing plane is on point!

— Danny M.

I’m feeling the barrel stay right inside my hands, and get through the baseball with Brum Bands.

— Erick P.

My posture and balance have never been better. You gotta try the Brum Bands this season!

— Ashley S.

My swing has never felt stronger, thanks to Brum Bands.

— Shane H.

Get these bands into your pregame routine this season!

— Bryan B.

I’ve tried so many cues and drills to help with my swing. Brum Bands immediately cleaned up my mechanics, and I’ve never felt better in the box.

— Jeff C.

If you’re a coach or a player, you’ve gotta check out Brum Bands.

— Kyle T.

There’s no better value out there in the baseball world than the Brum Bands Bundle!

— Janna J.

You won’t find more training products at this price than in the Brum Band Bundle.

— Amanda O.

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