Get Some Brum Bands in Your Bag!

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1. Stay in the zone LONGER

Reduce snappy roll overs! Cuffs promote a strong wrist position during the set up (stance) and THROUGH contact....allowing hitters to FEEL the strong movement they can take with them into the game.

2. Forces Tight, Powerful Shape to Contact

The Slot Band is great on both the top and lead arm, eliminating casting, early barrel release and creates tight "shape to contact" that'll keep the barrel available longer for more hard contact & more power!

3. Right now: FREE Body Band & Exercise Band!

Great for multiple hitting drills to improve posture and balance - and also multiple strength & speed capabilities too!  A must-have for any ballplayer.


Everything You Need

The Brum Band Bundle includes everything you need to refine your swing and become more confident at the plate. These tools force proper hand position through the swing, eliminating rollovers and promoting a smooth hand path.